An ambitious and creative Digital Media Production Student with the passion for photography, videography and social media marketing.
I am currently in my 3rd year of BA (Hons) with an average of 65% and estimated 1st Class Degree. I previously studied BTEC Diploma and achieved D*D* grades, which resulted in 240 UCAS points on my arrival to Sheffield Hallam University. 

I use digital technologies to convey the best cutting edge marketing strategies and take formal branding to the next level.

I utilise interactivity, social media techniques, video, sound editing and web design, to guarantee the brand identity and marketing campaign, that stands out in today's competitive world.

Cutting the long story short, studying the wide topic of the whole of Digital Media for 4 years so far, enables me to be able to deliver nearly any technique required for the fully functioning business online.
Starting from creating the cutting edge logos and stationery via digital imagery (photography) and promotional/informational videos up to social media campaigns and appropriate online exposure.

I tailor each brand, product or business campaign image using the most recent, cutting edge industry practices and platforms.

My knowledge and expertise enable me to create successful brands and their promotion using all available platforms and media, which is what makes my marketing campaigns more functional than those of your average online marketers.

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Natalia Madlene

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